Spring in the mountains

Published on September 8th, 2011

The most awaited season of the year is the spring. One can enjoy nature’s beauty and observe the surroundings. Spring is not a time to be lazy and just stay in your bed. It’s the time to step outdoors and enjoy what nature has spread around.
There are a lot of ways to enjoy spring. You can enjoy walks with the loved ones. View the blooming flowers, play around trees, and take photographs for memories. You can even go on vacations with friends and family.
Last spring was the most the memorable spring ever. We had gone for a small expedition in the nearby forests along with our family friends. There were in total seven of us. I was accompanying my parents and my parent’s friend’s also had two kids. All three of us were really excited as we had never been to the forests before. After a six hour tiring journey, we finally reached our destination.

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