The joy of Spring

Published on September 8th, 2011

The scene around was heart melting. The forest was covered all around by mountains. The mountains were all covered with trees and when the sun rays passes through the leaves of the trees, it made the mountains look all the more beautiful. All of us decided to start are adventure from the next morning. So we spotted a safe place and fixed our tents.
The entire night I was awake, excited by thinking about the journey ahead. The next morning after having breakfast, we began our voyage. We had also hired a local guide. We started mountain trekking. Everything that we saw while climbing up was just amazing, the trees with fresh leaves, the lush and green grass, and the birds chirping. All the time during our way, our guide told us about the various stories related to different areas of the mountains. He gave us directions regarding how to climb and the areas which were dangerous. After a complete day of journey and adventure on the mountains, we finally reached back to our campsite. We were extremely tired and were in no mood of dinner. So we finally slept.

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